How will MultiCHAX® benefit my company?

MultiCHAX® is a software product that works as an on demand MICR encoded check printing solution, that prints MICR encoded checks on blank forms in a single step. While doing this it can print signatures, logos, and form overlays from scanned images, not to mention generating “Positive Pay” files.

MultiCHAX® integrates with virtually all accounting programs such as QuickBooks, Quicken, Great Plains, Solomon, Peachtree, and many more. MultiCHAX® eliminates the need to switch check forms when you switch bank accounts within your accounting software.

As with, our CHAX® software, security was of great importance. Password access provides users handling a variety of accounting tasks within a network, abundant security and comfort. MultiCHAX® provides ample levels of security to separate functions and/or bank account for each individual user.

There are 4 different editions of the MultiCHAX® software, click on the edition to see a description of the features provided: click here.

What is the current version and build of the MultiCHAX® software?

To view the current version and build of the MultiCHAX® software click here.

What are the default username and password for the MultiCHAX® software ?

The default user name for the MultiCHAX® software is Admin, and the password is Masteradmin. These passwords are only necessary if you enable security for the software product.

(Note: The password and user name are not case sensitive).

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Standalone check by phone, check by fax software for accepting payments. Deposit same day with no fees.


The versatile check printing software compatible with accounting programs such as QuickBooks and Peachtree.


View our pantented check stock for use with CHAX & MultiCHAX software.